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5 Items That Should Never Go Down the Toilet

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Although many people think their toilet can double as a trash can, this plumbing fixture is more sensitive than you may realize. To protect it and avoid messy clogs, review some of the items you might have flushed down the toilet before and learn why you should avoid doing it in the future.


What Items Are Unflushable?

1. Wet Wipes

Many baby and adult wipes say they’re flushable, but this claim is false. These items don’t break down like toilet paper, so they can contribute to plumbing clogs. Keep a wastebasket with a lid next to your toilet and throw the wipes in there instead.

2. Tissues

It might not seem like there’s a significant difference between tissues and toilet paper, but tissues won’t disintegrate in water. If you keep a box next to the toilet, tell your children to use toilet paper when using the bathroom. If you blow your nose in this room, throw the tissues in the trash can.

3. Medications

Dumping old medications down the toilet can contaminate the water supply. If you can, bring used medications to a pharmacy, where they can dispose of them properly. If this isn’t an option, put them in a sealed plastic bag and throw them away with your trash.

4. Hair

Even though hair is organic matter, it can wreak havoc on your plumbing if you flush it. Strands can come together to form massive blockages, and you’ll need to call a plumber to sort out the problem. Keep extra hair away from the open toilet and throw strands away when you clean out your brush.

5. Gum

Since gum is so sticky, it can adhere to your pipes, causing clogs that block the flow of wastewater out of your home. Instead of flushing gum, throw it in the garbage can. You should also avoid swallowing gum while you’re chewing it, as this will cause it to end up in the pipes as well.

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