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3 Ways to Keep Your Sump Pump From Freezing

The sump pump plays an important role in preventing flooding in your basement. This device collects water in a pit situated on the floor and discharges it outside the house. Sometimes, falling temperatures during winter can cause the discharge lines to freeze. This can be problematic because the water won’t discharge efficiently and the motor will work harder than necessary in its efforts to run efficiently. Here are three ways you can prevent it from freezing.

How to Prevent the Sump Pump from Freezing

1. Insulate the Discharge Line

Both the discharge line and the intake portion of the line must be properly insulated to protect the materials from freezing temperatures. Covering the pipe outside with hay is an effortless way to naturally insulate it, or you can affix a larger pipe to one end of the pump’s hose.

2. Maintain Regular Water Flow

The more that water sits without moving, the greater the chances it will freeze. You can more efficiently raise the temperature to prevent freezing by removing standing water first. Use a wet vacuum or a drain pump to empty it entirely. Then turn on the water somewhere in your home. For example, turn on the cold water taps at a slow drip when it’s freezing outside to prevent water from freezing in the pipes and preventing ice from forming in the sump pump’s pit.

3. Remove the Extension Hose

If you use an extension hose to guide water further away from your home, disconnect it for winter. Liquid tends to freeze more often in these hoses and may cause the sump pump to overheat as the motor begins to work harder in its effort to move the water. If you do need an extension, look for one that is freeze-proof to avoid unexpected icing over. Try to position it facing downward, as this will encourage it to flow smoothly instead of settling in the pipes.

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