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3 Common Reasons Faucets Drip

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

The sound of a dripping faucet is distracting, and it also indicates that your household’s water consumption and the associated costs are going to rise. To resolve this problem as soon as possible, learn more about some common causes below so you’ll know when to try a few DIY solutions or call for professional faucet repair.

faucets drip

Why Is Your Faucet Leaking?

1. O-Ring Damage

A faucet might have one or several O-rings. These features seal the gaps between metal and plastic surfaces to prevent water from leaking out of the tap. If water seeps out of the stem when the faucet is on, a deteriorating O-ring could be the cause. Friction and water exposure can cause the O-ring's elasticity to break down over time until it can't provide a tight seal.

To replace the old O-ring, a professional will turn off the shut-off valve under the sink. Next, they'll use a screwdriver to take the cap off the faucet handle so they can remove it from the valve stem. They'll then use a wrench to remove the valve stem, access the O-ring, replace it, and reassemble the device.

2. Faulty Washer Installation

A washer controls the water flow out of a faucet. When the tap is on, the washer rests against the valve seat. When it's off, the washer moves back against the water pipe to block the water. If the washer wasn't installed correctly or was sized wrong, it won't fit against the water pipe to prevent dripping. To ensure the washer is installed properly, let a faucet repair specialist perform the job.

3. Water Pressure Issues

If the faucet doesn't consistently drip, have a plumber check the water pressure in your home. When faucets only drip at specific times, it could mean the water pressure needs to be lowered. When the pressure is too high, water won't flow away from different areas. The resulting backup causes a pressure buildup and eventual leaks. Fortunately, a professional can make simple adjustments to prevent this problem.

To stop the water waste caused by a dripping faucet, contact the plumbing technicians at John Lockwood Plumbing. Serving clients in Monroe, Wayne, and Ontario counties of New York since 1973, these licensed, bonded, and insured technicians will perform faucet repair or replace the current fixture with a low-flow model to boost home efficiency. See additional ways the plumbing repair professionals will maintain and improve your systems online, and call (585) 265-0736 to arrange a service call.

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