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We value what our customers have to say about our work, it is our reputation.

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 We contacted John Lockwood Plumbing concerning a possible defective pressure-reducing control valve, which was making loud noises when the water was turned on. Our appointment window was scheduled between 9:00-10:00 am. James arrived at 9:00 am and was able to confirm a defective control valve in about two minutes. He took the time to explain the function of a pressure-reducing control valve and why it is important to a home's overall plumbing. After presented me with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision, I decided to have the defective pressure-reducing control valve replaced. James had the new valve installed and pressure-tested for any possible leaks in about fifteen minutes. James was very courteous, professional, and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of plumbing. He was an absolute pleasure to meet and his workmanship is top-notch. James is simply THE BEST OF THE BEST! The price that we paid for the service call and installation of the new control valve was less than half of a written quote from another local plumbing company!


 Will, of John Lockwood Plumbing, responded to our problems, installing a new outside faucet and repairing a toilet water tank mechanism. Everything is now working as new. Highly recommend Lockwood Plumbing. They quickly respond, are professional, and are very qualified.

Bob & Kathy Williamson

 After discovering a cast iron drain/vent pipe split vertically and dripping in the basement. I called and was so pleasantly surprised (in today's world you know what I mean) to receive quick and expert service to handle my repairs. The service personnel was courteous and it was a pleasure to see how they handled everything.

Sid Guy

 Completely satisfied with the work John Lockwood Plumbing did on moving the piping for our new sink and repairing a leak in our dishwasher. Our service technician Will came out in a very timely manner, was professional and polite, and fixed everything we needed.

Lindsay Lamora

 What a nice experience. Jacob came to remove a water softener unit. He was prompt, courteous, and capable. The job was done in an hour. This was my first experience with Lockwood Plumbing. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again if the need arises. Would be very happy if Jacob returned.

Donna Hayes

 Jacob from John Lockwood Plumbing was professional, knowledgeable, and explained everything to me in a way that was easy to understand. He didn't push a new water heater, he was there to fix the problem and he did!!. I have worked with John Lockwood for the past 13 years and I have never been disappointed. The experience started with the customer service and follow-up I received from Vanessa.

Kevin Tehan

 I just had the most pleasant experience with Jacob from John Lockwood Plumbing, He came to my home for an emergency situation with two leaking faucets. He was on time, efficient, clean, and courteous. He asked as soon as he came in the door if he should remove his shoes. It is not often that you get this kind of expert service, together with a friendly and experienced technician. I would recommend Jacob to anyone in need of plumbing work! Congratulations to John Lockwood Plumbing. You have an excellent employee.

Lynn Maxim

 We highly recommend John Lockwood Plumbing! Jacob was kind and respectful from the get-go. He did a wonderful, efficient, and professional job fixing our leaking toilet and was not invasive in any way. We’re new to Rochester, and it was so nice to have someone treat us so kindly and respectfully. Thank you, John Lockwood! Highly recommend!

Angelica K

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