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Backflow Testing & Inspections

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What is a backflow preventer and why do I have it tested?


Water that flows in your home should only flow in one direction. Clean water enters and contaminated water exits. Back flows can happen due to a sudden change of water pressure which can force unsanitary water into a lower pressure area like your home’s or community’s drinking water supply.

These changes can occur for many reasons, some reasons this can occur would be a water main break, a clogged irrigation system, or a hydrant flushing.


Many businesses are required to have backflow preventers and some residences are. Your home may be required to have a backflow preventer if you have a water-driven backup sump pump, irrigation system, or fire protection system.

Backflow Testing Inspection

NYS Department of Health requires these devices to be tested annually to ensure they are functioning properly to keep your family and the community safe.


Whether you are a business or a homeowner, John Lockwood will take the stress out of this annual chore. We will inspect, repair, submit the report and even rind you when it is time for your annual inspection.

Call John Lockwood Plumbing for all your backflow needs.  

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